Creative Marketing Just Featured in a Market Leader Guide

I wrote a blog about a year ago about one of my marketing ideas for creating custom business cards for each listing.  Thanks to Cathy Bureau, I found out that my idea was featured in the Market Leader Creative Print Marketing Guide!  They urge us all to always have “compelling ideas”!


When I get a new listing one of the first things I do after taking photos is to create a business card featuring the property for sale.  I heard about this idea at a real estate conference years ago- and I haven’t seen any of my competitors utilizing it.  I have found that I can create my own cards using VistaPrint for under $50/250 cards.  

Each card is double-sided with 2 of the best photos of the home, usually enhancing the best feature such as the view.  Then I include my contact information, my website, a link to the listing information, and of course, the address. Some properties I have created a custom QR Code that I also include on the card.   I find that when you give these to the seller… they are more than happy to pass them out!  They are pleased with your creativity and can’t wait to share them with their friends, or anyone that they think might be interested in the house.  I also have them in the flyer box at the listing, pass them out at Open Houses, and use them as  a business card as long as I have the listing.

Here are some examples of the cards I have created:







Speechless Sunday: Amazing Southern Views at Andalusia!

Speechless Sunday:  Amazing Desert Views at Andalusia!

amazing desert views

After our California Lifestyle Realty meeting last Tuesday we toured a few homes in the Andalusia development.  The southern exposure from this patio and view of the Santa Rosa Mountains are spectacular!


First Time Home Buyers are a KICK!


I just opened yesterday escrow with another first time home buyer.  We have been looking for homes for months and I’ve lost track of how many we have seen.  We made our first offer a in November, and lost out on our first and second offers to investors who had all cash offers.

Most of my buyers are seasoned, second home buyers, who have bought and sold many homes.  They know the ropes and usually know just what they want… and don’t want.  I am there to provide my local expertise, and to help them make the best deal possible.

My buyer is a young man with a steady job, good credit, and the patience to wait for the right home to come along.  It has really been fun walking him through the process and his enthusiasm is contagious!  First time home buyers are a kick! 


La Quinta Resort Spa Villas… Best kept investment secret in La Quinta!

Spa Villas at La Quinta Resort… Best Investment in La Quinta that you Don’t know about!

La Quinta Spa Villas

You love coming to La Quinta, and you especially love the La Quinta Resort.  Did you know you can purchase a single family residence here that can be rented out as part of the hotel?  This is the best kept secret in La Quinta!

The La Quinta Spa Villas are single family residences adjacent to the La Quinta Resort, 2 Bedroom and 3 Bedroom villas are just steps from the Four Star Luxury hotel and spa. Fireplaces and wrap around patios, room service, fitness center, and tennis, allow you to pamper yourself at your private desert getaway.  Pool and spa off the patio are shared by one other villa and are maintained and heated year round.

Owners may take advantage of the La Quinta Resort Rental program for an incredible income offset when the villa is vacant. 

Your vacation home will pay you back!



For more information on the La Quinta Spa Villas, and a private tour:  Call Kathy Schowe  760-333-8886




Convert to solar in la quintaHot Purple Energy has  been installing solar panels on our roof over the last week.  We decided to convert to solar after several friends and our son shared their experience- and how much they are saving.  You not only create your own power, you put power back on the GRID! 

Do you want to lower your electric bill?  

Residential Solar Power Installation Process


  • Contact Hot Purple Energy – Joe Adams (760) 799-5915 to begin application process.  Joe will come out to your house and determine the optimum location and number of solar panels that will be required depending on your average energy consumption.
  • Fill out IID application for solar or Edison application and schedule an energy audit on your house.  Often used light bulbs should be replaced with LED bulbs, and single pool pumps should be replaced with energy efficient multi-speed pumps, and old refrigerators replaced.
  • Check with your HOA about regulations regarding SOLAR installations and get approval.
  • Application must be submitted ASAP prior to the lottery drawing which in our case (we are with IID) was in January. Primary financing for these projects comes from rebates from the utility companies, and is subject to available funds.
  • If you are drawn in the lottery you get on the schedule for installation.
  • The installation takes ten to twelve days.
  • After the installation an inspection is conducted by the city and then by your power supplier.  

     Solar energy in La Quinta


In as much as we are supplied by IID the process may be different with Edison.

By changing to LED bulbs, changing out our pool pump and replacing an old refrigerator our average monthly bill went from $325/mo to $270/mo.

We chose to lease the system which requires no down payment with a payment of $107/mo. for twenty years.

Our power bill will drop to $73/mo with the possibility that we might be able to put excess power back on the grid and actually reduce this monthly bill – I actually need to get further clarification on this point.

We have been very pleased with the professionalism from Hot Purple Energy.  They show up on time, clean up their work area, and have kept us informed on their progress.Hot Purple Energy solarConvert to Solar in La Quinta







Good luck converting to solar!





Why List your Home with California Lifestyle Realty and SchoweProperties?

If you wish to sell your home… 




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Does your home have a ZAGUAN?

Our home has a ZAGUAN…Does yours? zaguan in la quinta 


If you live at La Quinta Country Club it might… because they are very popular here.  If you live in the southwest US or Mexico, and have a “hacienda” style home, it might have a zaguan!

I learned a new word yesterday while reading an article from  ZAGUAN is defined : a vestibule or passageway leading from the entrance door to the central patio in houses commonly found in the southwestern U.S. and Mexico.

Traditionally these entry ways were created as a passageway for wagons and animals to be brought into the central courtyard for shelter from intruders or weather.  Today it serves as an architectural detail that enhances the charm and beauty of hacienda style homes.

Many of the homes at La Quinta Country Club have zaguan entries, some with towering arches with a bell tower or lantern light hanging above. Our home has a ZAGUAN… Does yours?zaguan la quinta


Kathy Schowe Recent Recommendations


Recent recommendations for Kathy Schowe, California Lifestyle Realty,  La Quinta, CaliforniaKathy Schowe


John H. Tisdale  07-03-2013

“Kathy has vast knowledge of the desert real estate market. This was an estate sale and important to try and sell quickly. She made the process seamless and effortless. While I live 130 miles away, she was 5 minutes away and was extremely helpful in scheduling visits, repairs, etc. I could not have been more pleased with her effort and expertise. If you want to buy or sell anywhere in this area, from old Palm Springs to Indio, it would be a mistake to retain anyone else.”


Michael Mergener  05-28-2013

“Kathy is an attentive, knowledgable, and energetic agent!”


Jon & Marg Masterson  05-28-2013

“Kathy is very helpful, calls right back, knows what you want to see, so you don’t waste a lot of time looking around. We leased for 2 winter seasons. Kathy found us just what we wanted. She’s very thoughtful, and makes time to see you when you have time available.”


Loretta Alderete  05-25-2013

“Kathy is a great Agent and she will go above and beyond the call of duty to find you the house of your dreams!!”


Abbie Stone  08-30-2013

“She was delightful to work with and I highly recommend her!”



Desert Real Estate Market for July 2013

Desert Real Estate Market ready for Busy Fall!IMG_0466

In today’s Desert Sun, the July stats from 2 separate reports indicate that sellers are now in the drivers seat!

California Desert Association of Realtors stats showed that the year-over-year prices have climbed for houses and condos, compared to last July.

San Diego based, DataQuick uses public records to provide a monthly overview of the Coachella Valley’s housing market. The local Realtors’ association tracks the trends on the multiple listing service.

DataQuick’s report for July found:

• Valleywide, 894 homes were sold in July. That’s a 2.5 percent jump from last year, but a nearly 14 percent drop from the 1,036 homes sold in June.

• Median prices rose in all three property categories: resale single family homes, resale condos and new construction homes.

New construction, with just 28 sales in July, saw a 78.4 percent year-over-year leap in the median price. It hit $454,000 last month.

• The most expensive transaction was a $5.4 million single-family resale in Indian Wells.

What does this mean?  

  • Inventories will remain low until sellers decide to get their homes listed
  • Buyers need to get aggresive with their home seaches before prices rise further.
  • Homes that are priced correctly are SELLING!


5 Frequently Asked Questions about Living on a Golf Course in La Quinta



1. Question:  Do you have to be a member of a club in order to live on a golf course?

    Answer:  It depends on the neighborhood.  For example at La Quinta Country Club, Duna La QuintaSanta Rosa Cove, The Enclave, The CitrusPGA West, you can purchase a home in the community without joining the country club.  At The HideawayThe Tradition, Rancho La Quinta, The Madison Club, and a few others, club membership is mandatory with a home purchase.



2.  Question: Do you have privacy when you live on a golf course?

     Answer:  Depending on your proximity to the fairway or green, or the cart-path sometimes the golfers can see you as well as you can see them.  Some homes have landscaping that provides privacy from the course, while maintaining the incredible views of the course and mountains.  If you require complete privacy, you might be happier with a home with a private backyard, instead of a golf course.



3. Question:  Can it be noisy living on the golf course?  Or…what time do the mowers start?

    Answer:  Maintenance on most courses begins no earlier than 7am, even in the summer.




4.  Question:  Will my home and yard be bombarded with golf balls?


     Answer:  On some courses there are homes that are in the “bone-zone” or more likely to be hit by wayward drives.  When looking at golf course homes, ask your agent about the proximity of the home to the tee-green-fairway. A home situated 200 yards off the tee on the right side of fairway can be dangerous.  Check for chips in stucco, broken window panes, etc.



5.  Question:  Why would I want to live on a golf course? 

     Answer:  Home values tend to be higher for homes on the fairway vs. homes on interior streets.  Another plus is the course maintains the beautiful green fairways, lakes, and waterfalls that provide the lovely views with no additional cost to the homeowner.