Creative Marketing Just Featured in a Market Leader Guide

I wrote a blog about a year ago about one of my marketing ideas for creating custom business cards for each listing.  Thanks to Cathy Bureau, I found out that my idea was featured in the Market Leader Creative Print Marketing Guide!  They urge us all to always have “compelling ideas”!


When I get a new listing one of the first things I do after taking photos is to create a business card featuring the property for sale.  I heard about this idea at a real estate conference years ago- and I haven’t seen any of my competitors utilizing it.  I have found that I can create my own cards using VistaPrint for under $50/250 cards.  

Each card is double-sided with 2 of the best photos of the home, usually enhancing the best feature such as the view.  Then I include my contact information, my website, a link to the listing information, and of course, the address. Some properties I have created a custom QR Code that I also include on the card.   I find that when you give these to the seller… they are more than happy to pass them out!  They are pleased with your creativity and can’t wait to share them with their friends, or anyone that they think might be interested in the house.  I also have them in the flyer box at the listing, pass them out at Open Houses, and use them as  a business card as long as I have the listing.

Here are some examples of the cards I have created: