Does your home have a ZAGUAN?

Our home has a ZAGUAN…Does yours? zaguan in la quinta 


If you live at La Quinta Country Club it might… because they are very popular here.  If you live in the southwest US or Mexico, and have a “hacienda” style home, it might have a zaguan!

I learned a new word yesterday while reading an article from  ZAGUAN is defined : a vestibule or passageway leading from the entrance door to the central patio in houses commonly found in the southwestern U.S. and Mexico.

Traditionally these entry ways were created as a passageway for wagons and animals to be brought into the central courtyard for shelter from intruders or weather.  Today it serves as an architectural detail that enhances the charm and beauty of hacienda style homes.

Many of the homes at La Quinta Country Club have zaguan entries, some with towering arches with a bell tower or lantern light hanging above. Our home has a ZAGUAN… Does yours?zaguan la quinta