Know your Inventory by Previewing!

Preview, PREVIEW, preVIEW, and PREview!

SchoweProperties.comYears ago when I started in real estate I worked with a broker who “suggested” that we go look at 10 homes a day.  I thought that was a bit much… but I get it now. She was absolutely right!

There is no better way to ramp up your game, start real estate conversations, deepen your local knowledge, and become the neighborhood expert than to PREVIEW, preview, Preview, and then preVIEW all the homes in your area of concentration.PGA West Homes

I have just started with a new brokerage, California Lifestyle Realty, that is affiliated with the La Quinta Resort & Spa and PGA West.  It is a La Quinta based operation and it features homes in The Citrus Golf ClubSanta Rosa CoveDuna La Quinta, and all of the PGA West properties.  This is a perfect fit for me because of my golf background… and I live right in the middle of these neighborhoods.

Although I have played all 9 of the golf courses at La Quinta Resort and PGA West, I have not been inside homes in all of the neighborhoods. PGA West has over 5000 homes alone!  My job right now is to go see houses… everyday.   
Our Schowe Properties team has been previewing daily in 100*+ weather…but it is so important.  I will be prepared for my first floor time on August 1st, and I will KNOW these homes!  This won’t be the end… because we still will need to preview, Preview, PREVIEW, and then preVIEW some more!

It is the best thing you can do for your business!