Thermal Racetrack is OPEN and will be kicking off this season!

Thermal Racetrack is OPEN and will be kicking off this season!


 Thermal Racetrack for some Fast Driving Fun!



According to their website, The Thermal Club is the premier private motor sports facility in 

The Thermal Clubworld. In addition to 4.5 miles of Members-only racetrack, the Club facilities will include a fully amenitized Clubhouse and Village unrivaled in the motor sports world, and will rank among the best of private clubs of any type. 

Facilities and amenities are reserved for use by Members and their guests. Corporate use of the Club is exclusively available to Thermal’s corporate Members.


The Track is comprised of three independent courses with the flexibility to run nineteen unique configurations, the 4.5 miles of track complete with a breathtaking 2,500 foot main straightaway was designed by acclaimed international race track designer, Alan Wilson.



I took this short video during our tour… LIVE ON THE TRACK!

Membership is by invitation. The initial offering of Thermal memberships is only available to owners of an entertainment garage or garage lot. If you have an interest in learning more, please contact The Thermal Club sales office.


Thermal Racetrack


As far as real estate, The Thermal Club features Garage Villas.  Basically a place to store your Porsches, Ferraris, and Lamborghinis… and hang out with your buddies!  The ultimate man cave!


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