DOM/CDOM… what does it really mean?

DOM/CDOM….what does it really mean?IMG_5812


Days on the market or DOM can be a good indicator of the saleability of a current listing.  Even better is the Cumulative Days on the Market or CDOM.  

Cumulative Days on the Market quantifies how many days a listing as been on the market with the current agent.  Many times I see agents cancel a listing and “re-list” them to reduce the DOM number.  But saavy agents know that the CDOM is much more important.  If you see a home with:

3/441  in the DOM/CDOM column, you know that the agent has opted to “reset” the clock. 

If your listing has been on the market for over 30 days without an offer in our current market- you probably have an overpriced listing.  Find an agent who knows your neighborhood, and your market– and can support the price with comps.  (Meaning actual recent sale values.)

If you contact me regarding selling your desert home- and I am not the expert for your area… I will help you find the best agent for your neighborhood. 

Most signs does not always equal best agent!