5 Frequently Asked Questions about Living on a Golf Course in La Quinta



1. Question:  Do you have to be a member of a club in order to live on a golf course?

    Answer:  It depends on the neighborhood.  For example at La Quinta Country Club, Duna La QuintaSanta Rosa Cove, The Enclave, The CitrusPGA West, you can purchase a home in the community without joining the country club.  At The HideawayThe Tradition, Rancho La Quinta, The Madison Club, and a few others, club membership is mandatory with a home purchase.



2.  Question: Do you have privacy when you live on a golf course?

     Answer:  Depending on your proximity to the fairway or green, or the cart-path sometimes the golfers can see you as well as you can see them.  Some homes have landscaping that provides privacy from the course, while maintaining the incredible views of the course and mountains.  If you require complete privacy, you might be happier with a home with a private backyard, instead of a golf course.



3. Question:  Can it be noisy living on the golf course?  Or…what time do the mowers start?

    Answer:  Maintenance on most courses begins no earlier than 7am, even in the summer.




4.  Question:  Will my home and yard be bombarded with golf balls?


     Answer:  On some courses there are homes that are in the “bone-zone” or more likely to be hit by wayward drives.  When looking at golf course homes, ask your agent about the proximity of the home to the tee-green-fairway. A home situated 200 yards off the tee on the right side of fairway can be dangerous.  Check for chips in stucco, broken window panes, etc.



5.  Question:  Why would I want to live on a golf course? 

     Answer:  Home values tend to be higher for homes on the fairway vs. homes on interior streets.  Another plus is the course maintains the beautiful green fairways, lakes, and waterfalls that provide the lovely views with no additional cost to the homeowner.