Convert to solar in la quintaHot Purple Energy has  been installing solar panels on our roof over the last week.  We decided to convert to solar after several friends and our son shared their experience- and how much they are saving.  You not only create your own power, you put power back on the GRID! 

Do you want to lower your electric bill?  

Residential Solar Power Installation Process


  • Contact Hot Purple Energy – Joe Adams (760) 799-5915 to begin application process.  Joe will come out to your house and determine the optimum location and number of solar panels that will be required depending on your average energy consumption.
  • Fill out IID application for solar or Edison application and schedule an energy audit on your house.  Often used light bulbs should be replaced with LED bulbs, and single pool pumps should be replaced with energy efficient multi-speed pumps, and old refrigerators replaced.
  • Check with your HOA about regulations regarding SOLAR installations and get approval.
  • Application must be submitted ASAP prior to the lottery drawing which in our case (we are with IID) was in January. Primary financing for these projects comes from rebates from the utility companies, and is subject to available funds.
  • If you are drawn in the lottery you get on the schedule for installation.
  • The installation takes ten to twelve days.
  • After the installation an inspection is conducted by the city and then by your power supplier.  

     Solar energy in La Quinta


In as much as we are supplied by IID the process may be different with Edison.

By changing to LED bulbs, changing out our pool pump and replacing an old refrigerator our average monthly bill went from $325/mo to $270/mo.

We chose to lease the system which requires no down payment with a payment of $107/mo. for twenty years.

Our power bill will drop to $73/mo with the possibility that we might be able to put excess power back on the grid and actually reduce this monthly bill – I actually need to get further clarification on this point.

We have been very pleased with the professionalism from Hot Purple Energy.  They show up on time, clean up their work area, and have kept us informed on their progress.Hot Purple Energy solarConvert to Solar in La Quinta







Good luck converting to solar!