Should You Buy a Home with Stairs in the Desert?

Should You Tell Your Buyers NOT to Buy a Home with Stairs?



I live and work in the beautiful resort and golf communities near the Palm Springs area of California- particularly in the La Quinta neighborhoods.  We are blessed with incredibly beautiful views and homes, and with the economy and market improving… the baby-boomers are back and ready to find their perfect second home.

Today I showed homes to a couple from LA in the PGA West neighborhood of Palmer Private.  Half of the homes in their price range had bedrooms upstairs, and some had stairs as you entered, and the full condo on the second floor.

I don’t encourage buyers to buy homes with stairs because: 

Number 1:  They are difficult to sell in our market

Number 2:  As we age, stairs become an issue.

Number 3:  They are difficult to sell in our market.

This couple seem very open to the idea of a condo with stairs. They are my age, (late forties-early fifties), and probably never had an ankle injury (crutches) or knee surgery.  They still think stairs are fun, (and great exercise!)

With the average age of second home buyers in their mid to late sixties… no wonder the condos and homes with stairs are a tough sell. There are many options without stairs… that will be much more marketable down the road.  As builders wised up to the older buyer here, they focused on single level structures.

The views may be fabulous… but should I tell them NOT to buy a home with stairs?